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What Our Patients Say:

  • I didn’t realize how imbalanced my hormones were until visiting RegenHealth & Wellness. David got my hormones balanced and helped me get on a healthy food regimen. This is truly the best Wellness clinic in Austin! Thank you, David and the awesome staff!

  • “For years I was sidelined from running due to chronic pain in my feet and ankles. After meeting David Drury @RHWclinic they put me on a customized regenerative cell therapy plan and corrected my problem getting me back on the pavement and running pain free!”

    Juan L.
  • “RHW has had a profoundly positive effect on my life.  For the first time in 10-years I’ve been pain free in my knee.”

    Tim Kennedy
  • “The experience I received at RegenHealth & Wellness was truly wonderful. David Drury and his team helped me achieve a healthier lifestyle as well as helped me prevent Lateral Meniscus surgery on my knee with their Regenerative Cell Therapy injections. I am so thankful I can finally walk and play with my kids without being in pain. Thank you, RHW for changing my life!”