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Here at RegenHealth & Wellness, we strive to prioritize your wellness goals. Our Wellness and Regenerative Therapy is customized to enhance your lifestyle in a healthier and happier way. Instead of a “quick fix” solution, we believe the key to unlocking an optimal life is best achieved through dedicated care.

We focus on helping you heal, while relieving your chronic pain to help you to live a full life.

What Our Patients Say:

  • I didn’t realize how imbalanced my hormones were until visiting RegenHealth & Wellness. David got my hormones balanced and helped me get on a healthy food regimen. This is truly the best Wellness clinic in Austin! Thank you, David and the awesome staff!

  • “For years I was sidelined from running due to chronic pain in my feet and ankles. After meeting David Drury @RHWclinic they put me on a customized regenerative cell therapy plan and corrected my problem getting me back on the pavement and running pain free!”

    Juan L.
  • “RHW has had a profoundly positive effect on my life.  For the first time in 10-years I’ve been pain free in my knee.”

    Tim Kennedy
  • “The experience I received at RegenHealth & Wellness was truly wonderful. David Drury and his team helped me achieve a healthier lifestyle as well as helped me prevent Lateral Meniscus surgery on my knee with their Regenerative Cell Therapy injections. I am so thankful I can finally walk and play with my kids without being in pain. Thank you, RHW for changing my life!”