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Weight Management

We want to help you achieve your Weight Loss goals with our customized Weight Loss Program. Our providers will be able to help you discover the lifestyle you and your body needs, helping you lose the unwanted weight and keep it off.

We want to partner with you by creating a comprehensive weight loss program based upon your needs and concerns.

"Start living LIFE to the FULLEST"
Common Symptoms:
  • Fatigue
  • Low Energy
  • Weight Gain
  • Mood

Your Comprehensive Weight Loss Program Could Include:

1-hour in-depth provider review to discuss pertinent past medical history, weight gain and weight loss history, eating habits, food preferences and cravings.

This is achieved via bloodwork evaluating routine wellness labs, as well as hormone levels, food sensitivity and metabolic testing.  Additional specialized tests may be recommended based on your individual needs and medical history.  (Costs associated with any additional tests will be presented to you for approval before ordering.)

A food plan with suggested meals and recipes will be provided for you to stay on track throughout your Weight Loss Program.

During this process we want to optimize your nutrition, digestion and metabolism.  The appropriate vitamins and supplements will be specifically recommended for you following review of initial diagnostic tests.

While there is no medication currently on the market which guarantees weight loss, there are medical weight loss prescriptions available where appropriate.  Recommendations and treatment options will be discussed during your evaluation with one of our providers.

Available prescriptive treatment options include:
Lipotropic injections to balance hormones, aid with fat metabolism, increase energy and improve cellular function. Injections commonly include targeted amino acid profiles known to stimulate fat burning helping with weight loss.

Appetite suppressants, commonly referred to as anorectic medications are available for patients who meet prescriptive guidelines and current health status.  These medications are taken orally and have shown to aid with reducing cravings and overeating.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), will likely be recommended to address hormone imbalances where appropriate.  While hormone therapy optimization has shown to improve body composition in most patients, this is best achieved with a combined approach to overall wellness.  Encompassing optimization of primary sex hormones, nutrition, sleep, stress reduction and illness mitigation.

During your Weight Loss Program, you have the option for follow-up visits at 2-week intervals to assess your progress.  Additionally, you will have direct provider email access with any questions that arise during your program.

Prior to your final follow-up at 12-weeks your initial bloodwork will be repeated and reviewed to discuss the path forward to your continued success!

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